Get fit, look awesome and get strong as sh*t
Earn a body and life you can be proud of. Strength and conditioning programming combined with nutrition education designed to transform your physique, lift your confidence and unleash your inner beast without tons of lame cardio and sh*tty diets.

Program Summary

5 Functional Functional Fat Loss Workouts per week

12 Four Week Mesocycles  -  240 workouts Total

Hundreds of dollars in free bonus resources - nutrition, mobility, technique training

Video explanations of everything on the program site - programming, movements etc.

Private Facebook Group for coaching and community support

Why did we make Barbell Shredded?
Have you ever wondered...
Why some guys can eat junk food on a regular basis but it never affect them?

Why even though you are training and making progress at the box, you don't seem to be shedding the fat off that mid-section.

Why starting new, healthy habits are hard to stick to?

How many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop? :)

You're not alone. We did once too.
Getting fit, lean and feeling confident about your body isn't impossible.

I'm sure you can think of a friend or two you know personally who've made big transformations.

If you were to ask your friend what the key to their success was it would probably start with them deciding they were fed up with how things were going and decided to do something about it.

That's the truth. You'll stay the same in any area of life you wish to change until you are fed up and take action.

So ask yourself. Are you content with how things are?

Until you can answer that question with a big "HELL NO", it doesn't matter what training you do, what supplements you take or what food you eat.

And until you want more from yourself, you'll continue to hop from program to program, diet to diet, eat more junk food that you know you should, skip out on training and worst of all...stay exactly the same, or even get worse. 

What is Barbell Shredded?
What can you do about it?
Ready for the secret?


The problem is that most of us are busy people with jobs, a family and limited free time. We are overwhelmed by the loads of information out there and can't easily tell what information is good, bad or how to apply it even if we did.

It's not your fault, that's just the world we live in.

But almost all of us share this dilemma. So why do some of us fail, while others succeed?

But comparing yourself to others is a slippery slop to Negativity Land. The smarter question to ask would be "how can I improve my ability to be more consistent?"

What does almost everyone operating on a high level, be it sports, business, relationships, you name it, have in common?

Someone to guide them and teach them to be accountable for their own success.

And that's why we created the Barbell Shredded program.

You deserve more. But you gotta earn it.
Barbell Shredded is a comprehensive training program specifically designed to get you in great shape and lose body fat the best way we know getting stronger.

We'll do just that but know this program isn't just about working out to look good. There's more to you and living life than how you look on the outside and you deserve to live well and feel confident.

We'll provide all the necessary training, information, guidance and support you need to make a complete, and life-long transformation into a stronger, fitter and prouder you. But you gotta be willing to put in the work!

Sound good? Keep scrolling to learn more.

What do you get?
5 workouts & 2 recovery sessions per week. 3 In-gym, 2 optional anywhere WODs per week designed to help shed body fat without losing strength.
Nutrition Education & Guidance
a 12 week nutrition course that will guide you on what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat and how to  build effective nutrition habits so you can make lifestyle changes, lose the fat and KEEP IT OFF.
access to a private Facebook group where you can build connections and accountability w/other members
video breakdown of each workout explaining "why" & "how" each workout is to be done + movement demo videos
Recipes and Meal Plans
to make sure you get enough tasty, high quality food to help dial in your nutrition, lose weight and fuel your body for training
13 Systematic Habits
to help you keep you on track and be successful at getting lean and living a better life
Exclusive Content
access to tips, video blogs and technique videos only accessible to members
Faction Foods and Nutrition Course
Make cooking and cleaning up after meals a breeze so cooking doesn't take over your life #mealprepsunday!
Maximum Mobility
Doug Larson's video course to help you assess and address your mobility limitations so you can reduce your chances of injury
Membership Site Access
Instant access to the members-only site with archives of all your workouts, course materials, recipes, and bonus content.

Go through the program at your own pace and have access to all of your materials

Training curriculum
13 4-week mesocycles of workouts each with a specific objective.

Meso 1: In Shape to Train

Time to build some volume with barbell and gymnastics movements with progressive weekly increases.  Plenty of body-awareness drills and single leg work to shore up any asymmetries right off the bat.

Meso 2: Pump up the Volume
Building even more strength volume and gymnastic holds to build up weak positions. Slightly more aerobic work to top off your work capacity.

Meso 3: Built 4 Speed
Fun is taking a front seat, unloading for the mind. Faster paced workouts with conditioning that burns

Meso 4: Aerobic Overdrive
Still plenty of strength and gymnastics work, but with a lot of variety here in an aerobic format. Circuit training sure to gas you out.

Meso 5: Building that Body
Time to go deep into strength and hypertrophy rep-schemed conditioning. Your recovery better be on point if you want to see gains.

Meso 6: Maximum Muscle
Continue to grind away fat to sustain progress by building muscle mass and improving upper body pulling strength. More sprints to promote certain hormone spikes that are going to aid in fat loss.

Meso 7: Getting Strong(er)
Changing gears and start building for higher 1RM strength in the core lifts

Meso 8: Prove Your Strength

You'll keep building toward higher 1RM's for specific lifts. We spent 6 weeks getting stronger with strict gymnastics, now we're going to train to use it in workouts.

Meso 9: Work to Earn It
Beefing up the aerobic work to change things up and bust through potential fat=loss plateaus.

Meso 10: Build It Up!

Continued focus on the aerobic work and gymnastics work, but with a lot more volume.

Meso 11: Shred it Down
Overall drop in volume and large increase in intensity and load. We'll start adding in some running sprint work as well on the optional days.

Meso 12: Time to Sharpen 

With optimal fat loss still being the main goal, we're going to get very specific with improvements in the snatch, the overhead squat position, and kipping gymnastics.

Meso 13: Finish Strong! 

This is a rapid shred phase. Still a lot of focus on improving skill in the snatch, OHS position, and kipping,with  added volume to the core and mid-line stability work.
Some people want it to happen
Some WISH it would happen
Bonus courses

Bonus seminars are distributed throughout the entire program
Shredded Nutrition Course
A 12 Week nutrition education course covering what kinds of foods to eat, how much to eat to get leaner, when to eat certain foods, and building time-management and sleep habits so you recover and stay on track. ($97 value)
Maximum Mobility
Created by Doug Larson to help you fix your mobility restrictions so you can have better technique and reduce your chances of getting hurt. ($97 value)
Faction Foods and Nutrition
Created by Doug Larson to make cooking and cleaning fast and easy so you can focus on training ($97 value).
Shredded Nutrition Course Modules

Module 1:  It's On You
Why Effort and Drive Might Be The Only Thing Holding You Back

Module 2:  Sleep More
How Your Sleeping Patterns Are Causing You To Get, And Stay, Fat!

Module 3:  Foods On The Fence
Which "Not So Bad" Foods Can You Still Eat?

Module 4:  Making Time
2 Easy Tricks To Get More Done In Less Time

Module 5:  Making Time
How To Find Extra Time To Train More, Eat Better and Lose More Fat

Module 6:  Performance SupplementsMy Top 3 Supplements To Help You Crush Your Workouts

Module 7: Supplements For Health
My Top 3 Supplements For Health and Energy

Module 8: Social Eating
How To Get More Support and Keep Other People From Killing Your Progress

Module 9: Macronutrient Breakdown
Gotta Know Your Macros

Module 10: Calories
How Much To Eat To Lose Fat Without Starving Yourself

Module 11: Energy Meals
Building The Perfect Meals To Lose Fat and Perform At Your Best

Module 12: What To Eat
The Best and Worse Foods For Fat Loss

How it works

Start getting your program materials as soon you complete your registration
Start whenever works best for you
You'll start getting access to the program as soon as you sign up. Start the program whenever you're ready
Go at your own speed
The program will be delivered monthly or all at once (depending on your membership). Take your time or go through it as intended.
Multimedia content
The program is delivered through videos, audio, PDFs and written blogs. Something for everyone. Download and view content through your phone, tablet or PC
Go back and revisit the program whenever
Your materials will be available in the member site for you to review, go back if you had to take a break, or start the program over if you need to
What are the benefits?
No more wondering what the hell to do. We’ve created a program that has been proven to lose weight. Let's clarify here: we'll help you lose the the bad weight, fat and not the good weight, muscle. We take all the science, psychology, and "how to" to get getting stronger and losing body fat, then tie it all together so you can just focus on training and eating well.
Increase your strength
The reason you know some dudes who can eat ice cream, pizza and donuts all week long and still stay lean is probably because 1) he's got great genetics (sorry, can't help you there) and/or 2) because he's carrying more muscle than most guys. We can help you with the 2nd point! We're all about getting you lean the right way by getting stronger, not starving yourself into full-on rage mode

Confidence Taking off your shirt at the pool or when you're about to get lucky, let alone just approaching someone to ask them out is the last thing you want to do when you don't feel like you look your best. WIth workouts, nutrition and lifestyle habits, we're gonna help you not only lean up but live a better life. We wanna help lean you up and help you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Those things combined: looking better, feeling good about yourself and being a better human being, breeds the kind of confidence needed to live like a man should

Sex There, we said it. We've had a number of guys tell us how much their sex life and sex drive have improved since getting into better shape with the program. Besides looking physically better, you should have lot's more energy and stamina to go all night long. We're certain that'll get you some thanks from your current or future significant other.

Better gymnastics
The gymnastic movements are way easier the lighter and stronger you are. In this program, you'll be doing a lot of gymnastic progressions, holds, and movements to help you get that first strict pull-up, ring-dip or muscle-up or if you've got that, get better at chaining them together.

Improved mobility We want to help you lift but AND look like a smooth operator while doing it. Being limited by poor mobility sucks, so we've included courses like Maximum Mobility to help address your issues. We want you to be limited by strength and skill, not something dumb like ankle dorsi-flexion.

Community Nothing is more powerful when trying to make a change than surrounding yourself with others who have the exact same goal and drive that you have. That's why we're giving you access to the private Facebook group where you can connect with others, ask questions and get the support you need.

Training and nutrition education
We'll help you reach your goals but you're gonna learn a ton too. Whether you want to just get better as an individual athlete, a coach or help someone else, we're going to teach you how to train, eat and live like a professional athlete so that you can be better prepared in the future with yourself or others.

Remember consistency is the real key to progress, and the easiest way to improve consistency is to practice holding yourself accountable. You'll track and measure your progress in multiple areas like taking body fat measurements, tracking how many gymnastic movements you can do unbroken, and taking progress pictures as you go through the program so you know exactly how you're doing at every turn.

Props from everyone you know
Stick with this program and people will notice the changes. Seeing yourself everyday it may be hard to tell, but you'll know as soon as you start getting a bunch of questions asking "what are you doing?" and "you're lookin' badass!"

Who needs it? Who doesn't?
This program probably isn't for you if...
You're a douche-tool, Negative-Nancy and/or a Program Hopper...we only want super-motivated, positive and cool dudes who would like our help losing body fat, getting strong and getting fit and will motivate others, not bring them down.

You're really out of shape, extremely overweight and haven't exercised in years. If that's the case, this program may be a little intense and more than likely a little more difficult than you're ready for at this point in your fitness journey. Just get started slowly and then come back later!

You're a professional, high-level athlete who can already string muscle-ups together like a boss, snatch 300+, do a sub 2:00 Fran or some insane combination of that. If that's the case then this program will probably be a little too easy for you.

This program is for you if...
You're in "okay shape", but definitely know you could be leaner, stronger and healthier.

You're ready to show off the body you know is underneath that last little bit of extra stuff and youre ready to help support a group of dedicated women with the exact same goal.

You fully recognize that even if you're not amazing at gymnastics and lifting heavy weights, you're also not the worst at them and you're confident that you can handle a program that will kick you in the ass on weekly basis without wussing out.

You're ready to lose belly fat, get fitter, stronger and look sexier than ever before.

You want to build a brand-new body and do it the right way by GETTING STRONGER and BUILDING MUSCLE with real-world, athletic movements like snatches, cleans, jerks, squats, pull-ups, push-ups and ring dips.

If you said "HELL YES!" to all those things, then YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

What makes this program different?
A program with your goals in mind.
You need a program that's designed for YOU & YOUR goals. Performance goals (stronger, faster, fitter) and appearance goals (leaner and more muscular) are both doable.

You need a program built with both goals in mind.

What makes us different is that many programs out there mainly focus on just one. Either performance, or just looking good.

The best way to look good IS by increasing your performance by building strength, muscle, conditioning, flexibility, and etc. You can't argue that. The people with the best-looking bodies are also likely to be the most athletic.

But if it was as easy as "just get more athletic by working out more" everyone would already be super-lean.

There is much more to our program than just workouts. Things like implementing lifestyle and nutrition changes, building accountability, and moral support. And it's these things most other "programs" overlook that are really going to help you finally be successful.

We weren't always the smartest about how we trained growing up, but now we realize the full importance of having a comprehensive training PROGRAM. So if that's you we'll see you on the inside.

All options come with 30 day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you're not super-thrilled with the program within 30 days, return it to us for a FULL REFUND of your 1st payment. And no worries, we'll still be cool!

So in other words: You ALWAYS have 30 days to try the program risk free!
Some people want it to happen
Some WISH it would happen
Mike Z.
What hesitations did you have before signing up for Barbell Shredded?

Over the course of 25+ years, I had tried tons of different workout programs and diets with none of them getting me the results I wanted or results that lasted in the long term. I was openly skeptical if Shredded would be any different, especially at the cost of the program.

Also, as a master's athlete I wasn't convinced that the progamming would be doable for someone my age or ability level Finally, not having in person coaching was something I didn't think would work very well at all.

What changes have you noticed in your training and your body?

At the 6th month mark, I've lost about 15 lbs (215-200), 3 mm off my arms, 11mm off the waist and about 1 mm from my thighs. Ten lbs of my weight loss has been body fat When I started the program I was an L or XL t-shirt. I can now fit into a medium.

 I look freakin' good in a medium too as a lot of ladies have said. My jean waist size was a 38/40. Now a 36" is getting loose on me.

What specific changes have you noticed in your life and health?
1. Compliments. LOTS OF COMPLIMENTS from co-workers, friends, family, folks at the gym. Young/old, male/female. You name it. People are asking me what I'm doing differently.
2. I have a significant family history of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. I was worried that my blood levels (lipid panel) would go way out of whack. Not so, my numbers are the same if not better than when I started Shredded

The big thing I want to point out is that despite my weight loss my strength numbers have gone UP! 1RM Back Squat was 355. 4RM is not 355 1RM Push Press was 205. 2RM is now 225

What specific feature of the program did you/ do you like best?

1. I don't feel like I'm dieting at all. The weekly recipes are great and I'm never really hungry.
2. The program is actually teaching me how to live a healthy/productive life. It's not just about the numbers of reps, weight lost, how much you're lifting. It's teaching me to be a better person.
3. The FB group is a great source of support and information.

Would you recommend our program? Why or why not?
Again, remember I was really, really skeptical about Barbell Shredded. Now I can't recommend this program strongly enough. Again, this is not simply about doing WODs. Of course, the program is designed to help you work out correctly and eat right. However, you also learn about life habits to make your life more productive, meaningful and just all around better. If you're willing to put the work in, the program will work for you. If you're willing to put the work in, the coaches will too.
How long is the program?
There are 52 weeks in the base program with extra weeks if you would like to continue past the year. 

Fat loss takes time.  There I said it.  It just does.  No one likes that it does... but it just, fucking, does. 

Consistency over time is the best way to take off bodyfat while maintaining all your hard earned muscle.  You don't want to lose a bunch of muscle and become skinny fat, weak and just look like a smaller version of your current self. 
You want to be lean and muscular and having a dedicated 12 months to do it right is the best way to make it happen.  No 30 day challenge is going to do it... you'll lose 10 pounds then gain it right back.  You need a dedicated year to get to a new weight and to stay there long enough for it to become your new normal.
Who is this program for?
This is for anyone who wants or needs a comprehensive strength and conditioning program with nutrition education focused on losing body fat. 

Comprehensive, meaning not just workouts, but every tool necessary to become reach your fitness and fat-loss goals. This program is designed to help you gain strength, educate and foster good nutrition, mobility, and lifestyle habits to effectively lose fat and keep it off.

The course material is mainly aimed towards beginners and intermediates but we've had advanced, experienced athletes see improvements. Your success mostly depends on your willingness to commit, be consistent and adopt a learning-orientated mindset (listen/watch Barbell Shrugged Episode 189, if you don't know what we mean by this).
What kind of equipement do I need?
You’ll definitely need a barbell, weights, a squat rack, a pull-up bar and a space to #dropeverythingandtrain.Bumper plates are really nice to have because you can drop them. If you don’t have bumper plates, and you have to lower the weights to the ground, invest in a good pair of lifting straps to help control the lowering.Kettlebells or dumbells, med-balls, plyo boxes, a set of rings, a GHD machine, lifting/jerk blocks, resistance bands and a climbing rope are nice to have but not absolutely required.

If there is a movement programmed that you cannot perform because you don’t have the necessary equipment, we can you always help you come up with a substitute movement, just contact us or ask in the Facebook group.

What if I get injured or have an existing injury?
If it's a serious injury then we highly recommend seeing a doctor and/or physical therapist as they specialize in treating injuries.  Minor injuries and/or aches or pains won't likely cause you to have to abandon training all together and there's likely still much of the program you can still do.  Example:  Wrists hurt on overhead squats, you can still do snatch pulls and front squats etc.

Will I get to keep my materials after my program ends?
Yes! All the materials are hosted on the member site which you can revisit and review for up to one year after ending the program. 

Will there be Olympic lifts in the program?

There will be some workouts you'll snatch, clean and jerk but not a lot. We'll give you warm-ups and progressions to help with your technique, but improving weightlifting technique isn't the main goal of this program.

We'll do just enough to keep you in practice and if you do the progressions we prescribe, you can definitely see progress. But again, this isn't a weightlifting program.

What days will I be training?
There will be workouts posted for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

There are 3 mandatory training days per week: Monday, Thursday and Saturday. The optional training days are Tuesdays and Fridays.

Your recovery days will be Sunday and Wednesdays. Use the recovery days to watch your educational courses while you rest.

How long do workouts take?
On the mandatory training days (Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays), the full workout from warm-up to end should take about 60-90 minutes if you are timing your rest periods well and training without distraction.

On the optional days, the workouts should take less than an hour.
Can I still get quality results if I can’t train every day?
Absolutely. To get the maximum benefits of the program, we recommend you do all the workouts, but you can get progress just doing the program 3x a week.

We’ve had a number of busy individuals who were only able to train 3 of the 5 days a week and still got results they were very happy with.T

he key to success in this program is consistency!If you’re consistently getting in your training, even if it’s only 3 days a week, you will still see results.

Do I have to follow the recipes and meal plans?
Nope! They are just there to help if you figure out what to eat if you need to. If you have your own amazing, healthy meals you enjoy creating, then eat what you love. We'll give you guidelines on how to eat but what you eat is up to you. Because the the only way you'll stick to it, is if you eat what you like.

Can I do extra work or my gym's workouts?
You definitely can still do workouts at your home box if that’s what you would like to do, but in all reality you probably won’t need to do extra work outside the program.

Everything you need to get stronger and get leaner is provided. We’ll provide everything including the warm-ups, cool downs and mobility drills to help you get fit.

But if you want to do a WOD with friends at the box, go for a long run because you're training for a marathon or obstacle race, or do an Olympic lifting class, then the optional days you can. That's part of the reason why we have them. 

My gym won’t let me do my own program, what can I do?
Honestly that’s a bummer and although we haven’t had much of a problem with that in the past, it may be an issue for some.Our suggestion would be to try to present it to your coaches or the gym owners in a way that shows you’re making a conscious, mature, motivated decision.

Offer to stay out of the way as much as possible and explain this is something you REALLY want to do then maybe they’ll let you do your own thing.

Some people want it to happen
Some WISH it would happen